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What does Solution-Oriented mean?
Solution-Oriented is a description used to describe a person who finds solutions to problems. Rather than dwelling on dilemmas faced in the workplace, a person who is solution-oriented takes an active approach in solving them.
Why is it important to be Solution-Oriented?
It is very important to be solution-oriented in a customer service environment.
While problem-orientation deals with the cause and effects of problems, customers do not need to know this sort of information. They need to know how you are going to deal with the problem in the present, and how you are going to attempt to eliminate the problem in the future.
While a solution-oriented approach may cost the company business in gift cards, samples, etc., it will save money in the long run by retaining customers and promoting word of mouth. If a customer has a problem with your business, service, or product, it is important for you to turn the customer's memory of the experience from the problem itself to how you solved the problem. That way the customer will pass on a positive, solution-oriented experience to others.
What are some examples of being Solution-Oriented?
Some examples of being solution-oriented are offering suggestions, giving advice, providing solutions, offering samples or store credit, etc.

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